Directions to Thai Garden Inn


From the airport:  There are no public transport from  Suvarnabhumi Airport / Don Muang Airport direct to Kanchanaburi.  However, you can hire a private mini van or taxi from the airport or contact us for the airport transfer.

By train from Bangkok:  There are two stations here.  You are advised to stop at the River Kwae Station instead of the main station.  (However, we have had guests who reported to us that the train stops up to 1 hour at the Main Station. While this is not normal, it could happen when there are delays. In these cases, it might be better for you to alight from the Main Station and take a song teow to our hotel. The cost would be about 100 baht only).  The River Kwae station is only 5 minutes from us and you can call us for a free pickup.  The train journey is about 2 hours from Bangkok and the price is 100 baht per person.  There is only a third class seating and there is no air-conditioning.

By public bus from Bangkok:  Go to the Southern Bus Terminal or Nothern Bus Terminal in Bangkok.  The bus journey is about 3 hours from Southern Bus Terminal and 4 hours from Northern Bus Terminal and the price is between 100 to 140 baht.  The bus will stop at the Kanchanaburi Bus Station.  You can take the local taxi (song teow) to Thai Garden Inn.  The cost is around 100 baht per song teow.  The journey should be around 10 to 15 min depending on traffic.

By mini bus from Southern Bus Station or Northern Bus Station, Bangkok:  The mini bus will drop you at the Kanchanaburi bus station.  The journey will be about 2.5 hours depending on traffic in Bangkok.  The price ranges from 120 to 180 baht per person, depending on whether you wish to be dropped at the bus station or our hotel.

By Car:   Head towards the War Cemetry and take the immediate left after the War Cemetery.  Then turn right and follow the road. You will pass the main tourist strip. At the second 7-11, turn left and cross the Sut Jai bridge. At the end, turn right and Thai Garden Inn will be 300 meters away on your left.

Our GPS location is: 14.033766, 99.509135