Tiger Temple

This is a very controversial place.  Started in 1999 with one baby cub given by the villagers, this place today hosts about 134 tigers as of July 2014.

Tiger Temple is a place you either love or hate. If you are a animal activist or someone who just hates to go to the zoo, then it is best you avoid this place.  For others, it is a place where you can get an opportunity to see these magnificent animals close up.

Do not be lulled into thinking that they are tame when you are close to them. They are not. Like all cats, they tend to feel lazy after a good meal and the heat in Kanchanaburi helps to keep them quiet in the afternoon.  This is the time where the volunteers and caretakers will take you personally to have a feel of the tigers. Follow their instructions closely and do not flap or make any unnecessary movements.

Colours that are not allowed are orange, read, pink and yellow. And for ladies, please wear pants or shorts that goes beyond your knees and blouses that have sleeves.  This is a respect for the monks.  Do not wear any perfume or scent as this can excite the tigers as well.

There are two main programs: the morning program and the afternoon program.  The morning program includes feeding the baby cubs.  The afternoon program only allows you to take individual  photos with the adult tigers.

The morning program is 5,000 baht per person and starts at 7am.  The afternoon program is 600 baht per person and starts after 12 noon. If you wish for a group photo (up to 6 persons max), you need to pay an additional 1,000 baht per group and if you wish to feed the baby cubs in the afternoon, the fee is also 1,000 baht per person. There is also a play time with the adult tigers in the early evening and if you wish to partake, the fee is 500 baht per person.