Thailand-Burma Railway Museum

There are 3 museums in Kanchanaburi town itself and they are:

a. Thailand-Burma Railway Museum (also known as the Death Railway Museum)

The Death Railway Museum is located just beside the Kanchanaburi War Cemetry.  This is by far the best museum in town.

The Death Railway Museum  is a privately funded project and was established to provide an unbiased and accurate account of the building of the railway from Thailand to Burma in 1942/43 by Prisoners of War of the Japanese Army and by both forced and willing Asian laborers. The objective of the museum is to provide a center in Kanchanaburi that is part museum and part information and research facility, but devoted entirely to the Thailand-Burma Railway. A further aim is to complement the existing Australian Memorial Museum at Hell Fire Pass about 80 km north of Kanchanaburi.

The current entrance fee is 120 baht per person and this includes a free cup of coffee or tea at their snack corner (located upstairs).  They also sell books and other souveniors. It is advisable to visit the museum first before going to the war cemetry as this will give you the insight to the sufferings of both the POWs and Asian labourers.

Entrance fee to this museum is set at 120 baht per person.

Distance from our hotel:  about 2km

How to get there:  You can walk there, cycle there or get a local tut tut to take you there.

b. JEATH Museum

This museum is located on the grounds of a temple at the junction of the Khwae Yai and Khwae Noi rivers in Kanchanaburi.  Although this museum is a bit run down, it is still worth a visit if you have the time.  This museum depicts the quarters of the POWs.  There is another section which has paintings, letters and photos of the former prisioners, tools, weapons and maps.

There is also an entrance fee to this museum.

Distance from our hotel: about 4km

How to get there: You can cycle there, get a local tut tut or even take a scenic boat ride from the Bridge of River Kwai (cost is about 500 to 600 baht per boat and includes 3 destination stops)

c. World War II and JEATH Museum

This museum is located by the Bridge of River Kwai.  This was the original JEATH Museum but most of the artifacts have been moved to the current JEATH Museum located in the temple. However there is a good amount of information on the different leaders in World War II, some remnants of POW camp and also a section dedicated to the local Thai history.

There is also an entrance fee to this museum.  It is currently set at 40 baht per person.

Distance from our hotel: about 1.5km

How to get there: You can walk, cycle or get a local tut tut.