Hellfire Pass

Hellfire Pass

Hellfire Pass (known by the Japanese as Konyu Cutting) was part of the Death Railway which was built during World War II.  The pass is noted for the harsh conditions and heavy loss of life suffered by the labourers during construction.  The labourers had to work up to 18 hours a day to complete the cutting.  The sight of emaciated prisoners labouring at night by torchlight was said to resemble a scene from Hell, hence the name Hellfire Pass.

Hellfires Pass Memorial is dedicated to the Allied prisoners of war (POWs) and Asian labourers who suffered and died at Hellfire Pass and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region during the Second World War.  The Musuem opens at 9am till 4pm daily.   Entrance to the musuem is free.  You can also rent an audio set by paying for a fully refundabale deposit of 200 baht.

Today the trains no longer run this stretch of line. The nearest train station is Nam Tok.

Hellfire Pass is about 80km from Kanchanaburi.  There are several ways to get there as follows:

a. Driving:  Hellfire Pass is located on highway 323.  It is about 80 km from Kanchanaburi.

b. Public bus:  Take bus 8203 from Kanchanaburi Bus Station.  The first bus is at 7.30am and there is a bus every hour.  Last bus is about 4.45 pm.  Tell the attendant where you wish to be dropped off.

c. Train and public bus:  Take the train to Nam Tok and then switch to the bus 8203.

d.  Tour:  You can join a standard tour that covers Hellfire Pass and other places of interest or have a customized tour of your own.  Check with our frontdesk for a private trip to Hellfire Pass via air con car or open air song teow.