Erawan Waterfall

The major attraction here is the Erawan Waterfalls.  There are 7 levels altogether.  The first four are easily accessible as there are proper steps to it.  The last three are slightly more challenging but still easily managed by both young and old.  

You can swim in each level of the falls.  If you decide to take a rest and simply dip your feet in the pool, you will experience a free fish spa.  If you have never experienced this before, it can be quite interesting.  The first few minutes are quite daunting as the fishes swim by and start nibbling away your old dead skin.  The next sensation is that of being slightly ticklish and if you can withstand through that, you will start to enjoy the fish spa and end up with beautifully smooth and soft skin for your feet.

Erawan is located about 65 km from Kanchanaburi.   There are a few ways to get there as follows:

  1. Public Bus: You can take a public bus from the Kanchanaburi Bus Station. The bus number is 8170.  The first bus leaves at 8am and there is a bus every hour (although it has been known to skip certain times during the low season).  The journey is about 1.5 hours.  And the last bus back from Erawan is 4.30pm.
  2. Driving:Erawan Falls is located on Highway 3199.   Parking is 20 baht for motorbike and 40 baht for car.
  3. Tour:  You can obviously join a tour which covers Erawan, or spend a day at Erawan by a private transfer.

Admission fee is as follows:

  – Foreigner:  300 baht per adult, 200 baht per child

  – Thai:  100 baht per adult, 50 baht per child  (Foreigners with valid Thai work permit may also be entitled to this price if there is no change in policy)

The fee also includes admission to Pra That Cave which is another 10km north of Erawan Falls.  Inside the caves are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites distributed among 4 big rooms.  Bats also live in these caves.