Elephant World

Elephant World is a non-profit organisation which functions as a “retirement home” for elephants that have been working for humans before – either in the logging industry or entertaining tourists at camps and circuses or begging in the streets of big cities.

Elephant World takes takes care of these sick, old and abused elephants, but also tries to rescue young elephants before they enter a life of exhausting labour. From the first moment that elephants arrive at Elephant World they can live in peace for the rest of their life. They give the symbol of Thailand a peaceful life in a natural surrounding, prepare food for our elephants, feed them, wash them. And today, when you join them, you become a part of their team!

There are several packages that you can choose from.

Book with us for any of these packages.

1 Day Package  (Adults – 2,500 baht,  Children 4 to 12 years – 1,500 baht, Free for children below 4 years) 

– includes transportation, lunch, drinking water / coffee /tea)

  • Picked up between 9 to 9.30am from our hotel
  • Upon arrival, meet and feed the elephants
  • Clean fruit/vegetables, prepare and cook sticky rice for the old elephants
  • Have lunch cooked by the staff at Elephant’s World
  • Gather / Plant food for the elephants eg banana trees / sugar cane / banagrass. Or prepare baskets for the afternoon feed or clean the elephants sleeping area
  • Prepare and feed sticky rice balls to the old elephants.  You will have close contact with the elephants.
  • Take elephant’s to the river for a bath
  • Feed elephant’s fruit and vegetables
  • Return to our hotel at end of day

1 night/2 day package (Adult – 4,500 baht, Children 4 to 12 – 3,200 baht, Free for children below the age of 4)

– includes 2 x lunch, 1 x breakfast, 1 x dinner, coffee / tea / drinking water

  • first day activities will be the same as above except you will stay over at Elephant’s World at the end of the day
  • on the second day, you can discuss with the volunteers what your day will look like. You can choose to help with preparation of baskets of fruits and vegetables for the first feeding before visitors arrive. And in the day you can join in with any of the activities again.  Or you can enjoy the nature and relax by the beautiful river Kwai.  There is also extra seasonal activities like climbing the mountain or bringing the elephants to the forest at the end of the day or walk with them in the morning

Mahout Program 

This is a special program for those who love elephants and want to take care of them.  What better way than to learn to be a mahout.  A mahout is an elephant caretaker and mahouts stay with their elephant all the time to take care of them.

When you join this program, you will help the mahout with taking care of an elephant. You do this by feeding the elephant, bathing the elephant in the river, observing the elephant’s behaviour and making sure the elephant is healthy.

This is a unique and unforgettable experience and will give you a glance in the life of being a mahout!

By participating in the mahout program you will:

  • Learn about the Asian elephants
  • Enjoy close contact with elephants and take care of 1 elephant during your stay
  • Learn the elephant commands
  • Feed the elephant and gather food for the elephant (by cutting banana trees or grass, preparing sticky rice and unloading trucks with elephant food)
  • Clean the elephant’s area
  • Experience Thai culture and the mahout life

Bear in mind that being a mahout is hard work, but it is a very rewarding job!

Prices IncludesTransport to and from the city of Kanchanaburi, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking water, coffee and tea, two mahout T-shirts, accommodation and a mahout certificate.

1 Week20,000 THB (7 days, 6 nights)

2 Weeks40,000 THB (14 days, 13 nights)

3 Weeks60,000 THB (21 days, 20 nights)

4 Weeks75,000 THB (28 days, 27 nights)

Minimum age:  18 years and older