Bridge Over River Kwai

Bridge on River Kwai

Made famous by the movie Bridge on the River Kwai, this place is populary visited by all tourists.  During WWII (World War II), the Japanese constructed the railway line from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbyuzayat, Burma.  The line that passes through some of the most scenic views in this area is about 250 miles.   This is now known as the Death Railway.

Many Asian labourers and POWs lost their lives in building this railway line. Both living and weather conditions were unfavourable and the hard terrain did not make the job easier. It has been said that for every sleeper laid, one life is lost.

Today the railway line stops at Nam Tok, a 2 hour ride from Kanchanaburi.  After the war, the remainder of the line was destroyed because it was said to be unstable.  And every year the River Kwai Bridge Festival is organized to mark the Allied bombing of the bridge on 28th November 1944.

From Thai Garden Inn, there are two ways to get to the bridge.  The first scenic and beautiful path is a short walk which takes you to the quiet side of the bridge.  Once you are there you can climb up a flight of steps to get to the rail and walk across it and be at the busy tourist end.  The second method is a slightly longer method and can be easily reached by cycling or a tut tut.